The High Priestess

This is an organic project that ebbs and flows with our lives, but is a steady current, taking us in the right direction, though sometimes there are rocks to dodge and turbulent waters.  It may take a while to get to the end of the journey, but there's no going back now.

We've covered the Fool, and the Magician in previous blogposts, both of them so out front and in your face, daring you to take chances, encouraging you to make things happen in your world.  And then, suddenly, the road takes a sharp turn into the woods, some very dark woods.  

This is a tricky card to write about, a tricky card to pin down, because her language can’t really be spoken or written down.  She’s like the dream that evaporates within moments of waking.  You can still FEEL it, but expressing it, even the fragments that you remember don’t quite capture it and it doesn’t seem to make sense by the light of day.  That’s because she has very little to do with what happens under the sun and like the mythical sphinx, she speaks in riddles.

She is:  Illusive, Mysterious, Darkness, Potential

She does: Guard, Retreat, Wait, Gestate

She represents:  the Unconscious, Insight, Dreams, Secret Knowledge, Hidden Truths, Wisdom, Memories, Intuitive Understanding, your Inner World.

In order to connect with her you must be:  Receptive, Introspective, Contemplative, Meditative, Intuitive, Patient and Listening.

This card shows up quite frequently for me, in readings and out of the blue in unexpected places.  I open a book in a used bookstore and there she is:

I walk into an antique store and there she is:


I see her briefly in a shadow of me on the beach:

There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.
— Rumi

And she showed up in our work long before we started this project:

The Night Curtain - copyright James and Lynn Lemyre

The Night Curtain - copyright James and Lynn Lemyre

It’s a good beginning just to look and listen for her.